Land Rover Defender 90 V8




Land Rover Defender 90 V8


The Land Rover car design takes us back to a beach in Wales, just after WW2. The very beginning of Land Rover itself is the fabled story of brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks, sketching out the simple design of what would become an enduring and iconic classic 4WD vehicle. A simple design, because times were hard. Cause, well, the war. Materials, even the most basic ones, were hard to come by. Remind anyone of this past year?

Hard times require a vehicle that is tough as nails. But with a dash of fun thrown in. Like this Defender 110 with the factory delivered V8. Ready to tear up the nearest dirt road or a quick jaunt into town. Yes, even in winter. This is after all a car for hard men/women/people. However you identify, you can find yourself in this beautiful beast. Coping with hard times and having some fun doing it is in its bones. 73 years after its conception it is relevant as ever. Even if you don’t want to go hauling livestock. You can always drive it to the next Woodstock.

Our Defender is a lovely example of a Defender 90 that was restored by us for a close friend. He has since enjoyed his Defender for many years but decided that it was time for something else. We have restored her to a lovely shade of British Racing green with gloss black accents throughout. From the roof to the vents to the wheels. She surely is a head turner for all of the right reasons. Inside you will find a very comfortable custom interior, with comfortable custom seats, retrimmed dashboard, infotainment system with a great audio system, air conditioning, sunroof, back up camera, etc. Reupholstered rear seats are also present and can be installed.

Mechanically she has been completely overhauled as well. The original V8 engine has been given some upgrades meaning that she is producing more power than standard. To make the V8 scream we have fitted our custom center exit exhaust system, which sounds amazing. The rest of the mechanicals are in equally amazing condition as the rest of this vehicle.

As she is a 1990 Land Rover Defender, she can be registered as a classic vehicle.

What are you waiting for? Come and check out this stunning example before it is too late.

Please contact us for more pictures, video, a test drive or a Zoom call. Or if you are nearby the east of Belgium, close to the Dutch and German border, please stop by.


Please contact us for more pictures, videos, a test drive or a zoom call

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