BMW 501 V8




BMW 501 V8


The BMW 501 was a luxury car manufactured by BMW from 1952 to 1958. Introduced at the first Frankfurt Motor Show in 1951, the 501 was the first BMW model to be manufactured and sold after the Second World War, and as the first BMW car built in Bavaria. The 501 and its derivatives, including the V8 powered BMW 502, were nicknamed “Baroque Angels” by the German public. The BMW 502 was the first postwar German car to be manufactured with a V8 engine.

The 501 had an all-new chassis, front double wishbone suspension with torsion bar suspension and a rigid axle with torsion bar suspension at the rear. The four-speed gearbox was not mounted directly on the engine, but was mounted separately between the second and third cross-members and driven by a shaft from the engine. This construction had the advantage of generous legroom for the front occupants, but also the disadvantage of a rather complicated construction of the handlebar-mounted selector lever resulting in a vague shifting mechanism.

The bodywork was drawn by Peter Schimanowski. However, after seeing the prototype, BMW management decided to commission Pininfarina to create an alternative design. However, the Pininfarina prototype was considered too similar to its design for the Alfa Romeo 1900, so BMW stuck to the Schimanowski design.

The BMW 501 V8 which we are presenting here is a lovely restored example that comes out of a true petrolhead’s collection. They enjoyed working on their cars and in some cases they restored a few. This BMW is a fully restored example finished in an immaculate white colour. Every centimeter of her has been taken care of. Inside she is in equally amazing condition. With her retrimmed seats to her restored dashboard and new, period correct, carpets.

Mechanically she is ready for many more miles as the mechanicals have all been overhauled (ex. engine revision) and are in great working condition. Even the complex shifter mechanism is working perfectly. She has been given some white wall tires which add to the style of this classy BMW 501.

Our BMW 501 is looking for a new owner who is ready to drive her on the best country lanes of a lovely summer’s day.

Please contact us for more pictures, videos, a test drive or a zoom call. Or if you are nearby the east of Belgium, close to the Dutch and German border, please stop by.


Please contact us for more pictures, videos, a test drive or a zoom call

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