We originally got this Audi as part of a trade deal and was previously on display at a museum in Georgia.  The Audi has been with us in storage and on the project list.  Our project list is too long so we are doing some pre-spring cleaning.  The GT Coupe was on the road and in driving condition when delivered to us in February 2022.  The previous owner is a car enthusiast and was planning to build a beautiful rally tribute car.  This is a 1987 Audi finished in the original Marsrot exterior paint and grey interior. The Audi had a full color respray sometime in it’s life and shows well.

The Car Cave team ordered a few maintenance items and the Bentley manual that are included with the purchase of the car.  The gauge cluster was not fully functional when we received the vehicle and a clean replacement has already been sourced.  The old dash had a crack and a new one has been sourced and ready to install on the car.  An extra used front seat is also included with the sale.  The list of new parts we purchased and include with the sale:

BECK/ARNLEY 0513860 (051-3860) Timing Belt Pulley
BECK/ARNLEY 0513954 (051-3954) Timing Belt Pulley
ELRING 115100 (115.100) Oil Drain Plug Gasket
ELRING 107256 (107.256) Oil Pan Gasket
FEL-PRO TCS45357 Camshaft Seal
GATES T127 Timing Belt
GMB 4806430 (480-6430) Timing Idler
GMB 1801100 (180-1100) Water Pump
MAHLE 66806 Timing Cover Seal
MAHLE VS50010 Valve Cover Gasket

As part of the rally inspired build the previous owner purchased several parts but did not get started on the project.  We have a rebuilt Audi block and rare fiberglass body kit that can be purchased for an additional amount.  Please contact us for more information.


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