The Citroën DS, a real bomb of the Paris Motor Show of 1955, revolutionized the car world. Apart from the Traction engine, the DS innovates in almost everything: high-pressure brakes, fully hydraulic suspension, power steering… The very special design of its bodywork is due to the pencil of the house stylist, the exceptional Flaminio Bertoni to whom we also owe the 2 CV, the “Belphégor”, the Traction.
The DS has become timeless and has never really become obsolete. This incredible Citroën is still just as good on the road with technology dating back more than half a century. The comfort is still surprising, both in terms of the seats and the hydraulic suspension. Braking, unbelievable at the time, remains very effective. All these features ensure that the DS is still very comfortable in today’s traffic despite its age.

In 1958 Henri Chapron, a French auto bodybuilder, was chosen by Citroën to design and manufacture the factory convertible. His creations become collector’s items. The factory convertible followed the technical evolution of the sedan and existed in the versions DS 19 (1960-1965), DS 21 (1965-1971) and DS 21 with electronic injection (1969-1970).

The Ivanoff version uses the conversion principle initiated by Chapron. This renowned coachbuilder was one of the references in the field of DS transformation at the time. Its re-cambers were homologated, allowing a transformation in the rules of art from a DS sedan into a convertible version.

Our Ivanoff was very nicely restored in 2015 by Mr. Roland Delbauche for Mr. Van Eyll, she is number 34 in the Ivanoff register. Finished in her Rubi Red colours, black interior and soft top, this DS 21 convertible is distinguished by its tasteful elegance. The body and running gear have been refurbished, repainted and treated. Starting is easy and our road test showed smooth shifting gearbox, precise steering and effective braking. Here’s what France did best when it came to cars in the late 1960s. Pure elegance

As an extra, she has a signature of 2 x Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen in her glove box. He has driven several times as a co-driver in the pilots parade in Francorchamps with our DS, his favorite. Photos can be found on the internet.

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